Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hoyt Livery's High Standard of Customer Service

 Last week I was coming home from a “girl’s trip” to Colorado and needed a ride home from the airport.  So, I called my friends at Hoyt Livery!  If you think limousine services are pretty much alike, think again.   Lynda and Santo Silvestro are owners of a truly exceptional transportation service, Hoyt Livery.  Some limo services are simply transportation “brokers,” which means they hire freelance drivers.  These drivers are sometimes inexperienced, with inadequate insurance, not to mention the condition of their vehicles.  But at Hoyt Livery, their drivers are their employees … insured, trained in Hoyt’s high standards of customer service, and thoroughly background-checked.  If you’re traveling alone like I was, or if they’re transporting your children, you have peace of mind.  They even have their own body shop with three detailers on staff!  As we were coming back from LaGuardia in that terrible traffic, I realized just how important that was.  Bumper to bumper can really beat up the car inside and out!  

You ride in style and you ride safely with Hoyt Livery.   So wherever you’re going … to a show, the city, the airport … travel with less stress.  And don’t worry about things like parking.   Life’s tough enough.  Let someone else do the driving!   Hoyt Livery.  Courteous, professional transportation for business or pleasure.  Call Hoyt Livery in New Canaan, or visit online at Hoyt, and tell them Mary says “hi!”   Hoyt’s here!

Friday, March 22, 2013

New Courtesy Carpet in Monroe


A friend of mine was remodeling her home and wanted hardwood flooring for her dining room . So I told her, visit the new Courtesy Carpet store in Monroe!   Ellen will help her select excellent flooring at a great price, and the installers can have it there in days!  Does your home need a new look? For all of your flooring and carpeting needs, visit Courtesy Carpet! Now at 450 Monroe Turnpike, right next to Soup Thyme.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Head to a Goodwill Donation Station!

Check out this great shot I got of the Westport store and you'll see the donation station on the left where I dropped everything off

Well I don't know about you, but with the weather being the way it has been I have spent TONS of time inside my house.  And you know what happens when I spend a lot of time in my home?  I CLEAN!  I have been going CRAZY and gathered several boxes of random things like cooking utensils and small appliances my family doesn't use.  And of course I've found the typical things like clothing as well.  We always have clothes that no longer fit.  That's what happens when you have children!  They seem to outgrow the size long before the clothes begin to wear away.

So this last weekend I decided to make a trip to my Goodwill donation station in Westport.  One of the great things about the store donation stations is that no matter how crummy it is outside, the donation station is covered.  I love that!  It makes it so easy.  Oh, almost forgot the best part, they have attendants who come out to your car and take your donations out of your car for you.  Big thanks to the crew who helped me with the four boxes I brought.  Took all of 40 seconds and I was gone, didn't even have to get out of my car.

What's the point to this entry?  If you've been cooped up, get productive and make a dent in the items you have begun to accumulate.  And do the right thing of course, so once you've gathered it up bring it to a non-profit like Goodwill.  These guys know how to make things easy!  And everything goes right back into the community, Goodwill is awesome that way.  You'll feel great seeing the extra room in your home and knowing your helping people with your donation.  What are you waiting for?  Get going!

Want to find your nearest donation station? Simply go to

Friday, March 1, 2013

Eye See You Books

Hi, this is Mary!  Do you have kids?  I came across this book that's fun and educational.  I read it to my niece and she loved it!

In this debut book in the new Eye See You series, Dr. Jay and Miss Caroline invite you on safari through the lens of Dr. Jay's camera. With the camera lens focused on each animal's eye, rhyming riddles add to the fun as you try to guess the animal in the viewfinder.

Entertaining and educational, Eye See You Africa will instill a love for nature, animals, travel, and photography in children of all ages. With a portion of the proceeds donated to child and animal charities, you and your child will become benefactors for other children and the animals who share our planet - the innocents of the world.

EYE SEE YOU BOOKS upcoming events:
WEBE108 KidsFest April 7th, Wilton High School Fieldhouse 10am-4pm
Maritime Museum,Saturday April 20th
Stepping Stones Museum for Children Norwalk, Saturday May 18th.
I can't wait to escape Winter!  Don't miss the introduction to Spring at 
the "Escape to Spring Expo" at Van Wilgen’s

In its 4th year, Escape to Spring celebrates the joys of Garden, Home and Food.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday • March 15-17, 2013 

Van Wilgen’s is counting down to our Escape to Spring expo. With less than a month left to cut loose from winter’s gray, they just about ready to color your surroundings with flourishing scenes and fragrant scents of Spring. The event starts Friday, March 15th from noon to 5pm and continues Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm. Admission and parking is free and all are encouraged to attend this family-friendly event. The greenhouse will be filled with our Van Wilgen Grown plants and will feature more than 30 guest exhibitors. 

 In addition to bringing you the best offerings for your home and garden, this year’s event will be celebrating the relationship between gardening and food. Cooking demonstrations and tastings highlighting the use of garden fresh herbs and vegetables will take place all weekend. To enhance the festive atmosphere there will be wine and beer tastings and Van Wilgen’s patio will host some of Connecticut’s best gourmet food trucks.

Van Wilgen's Garden Center
51 Valley Road (off Route 139) North Branford, Connecticut | 203-488-2110

Friday, February 8, 2013

Hi, this is Mary!  The other night I danced to the grooves of today's and yesterday's hit at my friend's party!  If you need some entertainment for your party, call David Jason Entertainment!

David Jason Entertainment was established in 2009 and is comprised of award-winning talent. They are trained professionals who pride themselves in putting  clients’ needs first. Your event will be designed around your requests, preferences and vision and will be completely personalized based on those factors. DJE offer numerous means of engaging your guests including an endless music library, intelligent and mood lighting, high-energy performers and trained dancers. Our interactivity at your event can be as discreet or collaborative as you choose.

They elegant, fresh, hip and trendy with a list of valued clients including Martha Stewart, NY Giants, NY Yankees, Diana Ross, Mastercard, Swiss Army and Camuto Group. It is DJE's pleasure and passion to make each and every event personal, unique and specialized just for you!


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fitzgerald's Fine Catering

Hi, This is Mary.  I found a great place... Fitzgerald’s Fine Catering ! Their 5-star rating from Martha got my attention. Then a friend told me Fitzgerald’s did their big bash last summer at Penfield Pavilion. Said the food and service were amazing, and best of all, Fitzgerald’s handled everything – no additional rentals or surprise fees! Planning a wedding or other big event? Check out
Listen to a commercial here.